Heavenly Relationships


The scriptures speak mostly of the physical elements of life in the New Jerusalem and nothing about how we will relate to each other. Different books have shown our new home as physical and real, more real than this one, if that can be imagined. But here is where I am coming from. I lost a woman that I loved some time ago and even though I know I will see her again, will our relationship be the same or can it be? We were in love, and I want that again and not some combination of best friends/siblings/soul mates. Frankly, that kind of relationship is not enough for me. I want my wife back and, and I mean no disrespect, but if we are together as ‘friends’ only, then Heaven has lost some of its luster.


First of all, remember that no one knows what our heavenly relationships will be like, so anything you’ve heard or read that has you perplexed is just unsupported opinion.

Second, you have only experienced an earthly relationship involving fallen people. Trying to compare that with a heavenly one involving perfected people is premature to say the least.

Third, you’ve been promised unending joy, so it stands to reason that you won’t have any longing to return to the past. The Lord hasn’t spent all this time preparing your eternity with Him just to leave you disappointed at being there. On the contrary, Paul said our next life will far surpass our wildest dreams and expectations (1 Cor. 2:9).