Hebrews 6, Follow Up


I really enjoyed this article – but I have a question I did not see addressed. What is your opinion on backsliders? I have several adult children who professed faith in Christ as children and now are not walking with the Lord. Obviously this causes me distress and I pray for them constantly. Are they still saved even though they have walked away and are living a sinful lifestyle?

The Lord has given me two words regarding them: “Their times are in My Hands, not yours.” and “Let them come to Me”. I know it truly is out of my control (an issue the Lord’s working on in me) :o) but it is difficult to see them unhappy in life but hardened. I have struggled with where they would go should they die prematurely. Thank you for the wonderful articles you write – they have truly been a blessing and encouragement.


The reason I don’t address back sliders specifically is that we’re all backsliders to some degree, and we all live a sinful lifestyle. I know how frustrating this must be for you, but this is what we know for sure. If they were truly saved, then the Lord has accepted responsibility for them and will not let anything or anyone take them away from Him. Like sheep, they may wander off but the Good Shepherd has promised never to lose any of us. He will bring them back.

Another person’s salvation is not something that we can ever tell for sure because the mark that makes them His is in their heart where we can’t see. Be vigilant in praying for them and trust the Lord’s word . He has seen the end from the beginning and knows who are His.