Help Me With My Sister


My older sister believes in God and from what I know accepts Jesus but she rejects the Bible as inerrant and as inspired by the Holy Spirit. She reads the Psalms for a pick me up and that’s about it. I suggest to her to read other books in the Bible but she attacks me by calling me a Bible thumper, or asks me when am I going to start living my life and stop worrying about whats coming when I share with her the nearness of the Lords imminent return. If I respond to her with scripture she says I’m a puppet and should develop my own beliefs and stop using the Bible as a crutch.

I keep telling her the word does matter and you can’t love God and reject his word. She even rejects that the church is the bride of Christ. Lately her defense is that there are people who haven’t even read the Bible and believe and love God unconditionally. She says she does and that her relationship with the Father is between him and her and he speaks to her and thats all that matters. When I try responding she accuses me of being a hyprocrite becaus she says I’m judging her and others whose beliefs don’t line up with mine and am wrong for telling them their is only one truth. How do I respond to this? Is it possible to have the word and the truth, reject it, but in your heart believe in the Lord?


From what you’ve said, I’m suspicious that either your sister isn’t really a believer or else she belongs to a group that has a different view of what Christianity means than yours. There are people who have never read the Bible and yet still love the Lord, but I’ve never heard of a believer using that as an excuse for rejecting His Word.

You obviously aren’t getting any where debating her. Try taking a more passive approach and just pray for her as if she wasn’t a believer. It may work better.