Hierarchy In Heaven?


It seems to me that not every saint will be on equal footing with each other after the rapture. Some will have stored more treasure in heaven, some will have crowns/prizes and some will not. Some will be in as though through fire etc. and yet we will all be priests and kings to our God. Will there be a hierarchy in the Bride of Christ after the rapture?


The Bible encourages believers to live our lives in such a way that we’ll qualify for crowns (1 Cor 9:27-27) and to forego storing up treasure on Earth in favor of accumulating treasure in Heaven (Matt. 6:19-21). But nowhere does it specify any kind of hierarchy among believers based on our obedience to these admonitions. Instead, in Rev. 4:10-11 we see the 24 elders, representing those who’ve been awarded crowns, laying them at the feet of Jesus acknowledging Him as the legitimate recipient. This is due to the fact that only at His bidding and only in His strength can we do anything of value to the Kingdom (John 15:5).