The Holy Spirit. Here And There?


A friend claims that the Holy Spirit leaves earth when we do in the Rapture and is not here during the last seven years. I have the understanding that it is the Holy Spirit within us that leaves but He is also here
during those seven years for those who will come to Christ. Am I wrong?


I’ve answered this question before but it bears repeating.

I believe you are correct. Ephes 4:30 tells us we are sealed with the Holy Spirit unto (for) the day of redemption. That means when our redemption comes at the rapture the seal is no longer necessary. Our inheritance will have been received.

At that point the Holy Spirit will resume a ministry on earth similar to the one He had in the Old Testament, where He was with believers and come upon them from time to time, but was not sealed within them.

You’re also correct in saying that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent. He can be in heaven with us and on earth with post church believers at the same time.