Honoring My Father


I have a question about my father. He gambles on things like cock fighting and Mah-jong. He is a catholic while I and my elder sister are Christians. I work for my family all my life from high school up to this point and I am getting a good salary. My father asked money from me to spend for his monkey business. What came up to my mind was I didn’t work just for him to spend some of my money on gambling. I know that children are to obey the parents but In this case I don’t know what I should do… he gambles for a living. By the way I am in the Philippines and this kind of gambling is legal I just prayed to God that He will enlighten my father.


The commandment is to honor our father and mother (Exodus 20:12). (Children are supposed to obey their parents, but you’re an adult.) Honoring them doesn’t include supporting them in this kind of activity, especially if it’s becoming addictive. From your email it sounds like you help support your father. If so you are already honoring him, so I think you’re justified in denying him gambling money.