How About 12-21-12 For The Rapture?


With all of the worldly/secular scientific attention focused on 2012, as well as the cross-cultural historicity of myths and legends about this time (12/21/12, specifically), I think that date or general time frame would be an excellent window for the rapture itself. Associated natural phenomena (pole/magnetic reversals, solar polar shift, etc) would be great cover and match the old Hopi legend of the Sun burning away the undesirables from the planet, leaving the enlightened more evolved to carry on. So if 2011 comes and goes, why not 12/21/12 for the rapture?


My estimation of a 2011 rapture is based on what I think the Bible says. If it turns out to be incorrect I would have to do a lot more research, but that research would be focused on the Bible, not other sources. After all this is a private matter between the Lord and his Church, the specific date of which has been kept secret.

I think the legends of 12-21-12 more likely refer to so called natural disasters with world wide ramifications, and are meant as signs to non-believers of coming judgments. My personal opinion is that they point to the 6th seal judgment of Rev. 6:12-17.