How Can Church Leaders Be Left Behind?


There is a question which I am continually being led to explore yet can never resolve. Many of the teachings out there state (and rightly so) that belief in the work of Christ is all that is sufficient to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

That being said, I quite often read (both on your web site and others) that after the rapture, many prominent Christian leaders and maybe even a majority of the Catholic church will be left though this seems to be in direct contrast to the belief doctrine. I would tend to think that sometime along a Church leader’s walk, a true belief in Christ must be there regardless of where they end up – even if they fall victim to greed and sin as many have done (we all have sinned and all sin is the same).

So, if belief is all that is needed and most have believed in Christ, how would a Christian get left behind? Maybe it is in my understand of the word “believe”. If the Holy Spirit is sealed within us at the time of belief and it cannot be lost, I am confused why some would be left.

I would like to think I am walking in the ways of Christ but what would ensure my salvation over many of the Church leaders mentioned who will be left behind – again going back to the foundational doctrine that belief in Christ is all that is needed to be saved. Thanks for your continued ministry – it is extremely helpful – especially your recent Hebrews review.


There are a several flaws in your reasoning. One is that it’s possible for a true believer to become a church leader and then fall away from the faith. 2 Cor. 1:21-22 says that God takes responsibility for making believers stand firm. Jesus said that He’d never lose even one of those who are given to Him. (John 10:27-30).

The 2nd is that only believers can become church leaders. Paul said that some are Satan’s servants (2 Cor. 11: 13-15) Jesus said that even some of those who performed miracles in his name would be rejected. He said He would tell them that He never knew them, not that he had once known them but no longer did. He said that this would be because they had failed to do the will of His father.(Matt. 7:21-23) In John 6:39 He said that His Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him will be have eternal life. This means they failed to do that.

And the third is that just because someone goes to a church he must be a Christian. True Christians, those who know they’re sinners and have asked for and received God ‘s forgiveness, are sealed with the Holy Spirit upon believing that the Lord’s death alone has saved them. They can neither be lost nor left, so if anyone gets left behind it’ll be because they failed to meet that one standard.