How Can He Do That?


I believe as you do that Eze 38,39 will occur before the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel. With the invading forces being destroyed and that Allah is not “the God who answers by fire”, how can the antichrist present himself as a moslem?


First, the anti-Christ comes on the scene as a great peace maker in a time of crisis. (Daniel 8:25) At the beginning he appears to be helping the Jews by getting their Temple built and getting them a peace treaty with their neighbors. (Daniel 9:27) It’s not until 3 1/2 years later that he officially claims to be God.(2 Thes.2:3)

In the mean time he will have consolidated his power and made Islam into the biggest religion in the world. (Rev. 13:4) The Church will be gone, and when he stands in the Temple, Jesus told all the believing Jews to get out of Israel. (Matt. 24:15) That leaves only unbelievers to accept him as their leader. He’ll perform miracles (2 Thes 2:9), come back from the dead (Rev. 13:3) and claim to be superior even to the Moslem god. (Daniel 11:37) The world will be astonished at his power and will follow him willingly. (Rev. 13:3)