How Can I Put This Behind Me?


Before I was saved, I worked in an office with a number of Christians who boasted daily about being saved and knowing where they were going (Rapture). But these same persons treated non-Christians, mainly myself, so badly that I vowed that I would never become a Christian. Even so, I was not a bad person. I was respectful, performed my duties and even went beyond my work scope. The woman who was behind all this has since left us and I have started to attend church but I do not think that I can forgive her. I always thought that one should know a Christian by their deeds. This situation has left me very scarred and I tend to judge people which I do not like to do. Could you advise me of the best way to put this behind me?


Many Christians are no better behaved than anyone else. And, like the person it was your misfortune to work for, some are even worse than most. But refusing to forgive her and move on means you’ve given Satan a foothold in your mind. This will only harm you. It won’t do anything to alleviate your feelings toward this woman, and may even result in your becoming more like her. Ask the Lord to forgive you for your anger and for letting the devil have this power over you. (Ephes. 4:26-27) Then Ask Him to forgive your former associate. Keep asking until the Lord can hear the sincerity in your voice. Then He’ll forgive you and you’ll be free.