How Can The Rapture Be A Secret?


We are told that at the rapture Jesus will descend with a shout and a trumpet, but most teachers say the world will be confused and wonder what has happened. They use the word “secret.” I can’t reconcile the two ideas. Does Scripture say the Rapture will be secret? Surely, the sudden disappearance of millions cannot be kept secret. If the Rapture will be secret, what about the shout and the trumpet? That should get everybody’s attention.


It’s the timing of the event that’s a secret. No one will know in advance exactly when it’s going to happen. After it does those remaining will obviously notice that millions are missing, but many won’t believe it was because of the Rapture.

There will be a number of “conspiracy theories” to explain it. Some will think that aliens took us to another dimension. Others will say that God removed all the fundamentalists because we were preventing the rest of the world from evolving spiritually. Still others who have heard the Gospel but were putting off their decision will realize it was the Rapture and will know they’ve missed it. Many of them will become believers because of this. But no matter what people believe, no one will be able to deny the fact that millions have disappeared.