How Can You Say People Won’t Notice?


I have been reading your website for quite awhile now. Most things I agree with, but I don’t understand your view concerning how it will be during the Great Tribulation. If I understand correctly, you’ve said that no one is going to know they are going through the Great Tribulation. They will continue to eat, drink and get married just like any other day. Is this what you intended to say? My understanding of the Great Tribulation is that it is going to be a time of distress in the world worse than at any other time. Do you really believe people won’t take notice?


Here’s an example of what I’ve said …

“Most people in the Great Tribulation will think the world is just going through some very difficult times but that it will soon be over and everything will go back to normal. They’ll have no idea the world is about to end, so they’ll be doing the things people do everyday assuming that eventually life will get better just like it always has.”

This is not the same as saying “people won’t take notice”. And remember, the Church will be gone. Unbelievers don’t know about it’s the “Great Tribulation” and will be told that everything will be OK soon. And most importantly, these are not my words, they’re the Lord’s (Matt. 24:37-39).

Consider this as well. During world war 2, there was fuel and food rationing, dusk till dawn curfews, and in some cities around the world bombs were dropping out of the sky at night. Somewhere between 50-75 million people died out of a world population of 2.3 billion. Just about everybody knew someone who had lost a friend or relative. People believed the times were very bad, but they were eating and drinking and getting married just the same. Some of this was denial, some was escape, and some was an effort to live out their lives the best way they could, while they could.