How Could Anyone Do This?


I have never understood Mt 7:22-23! How could anyone prophesy, cast out demons, and perform many miracles and not believe in Jesus name? Are these people He’s talking about from a different dispensation?


The context throughout Matt. 7:15-23 is the difference between true and false prophets. Therefore it’s important to understand what the Lord really said in verse 23. “Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers.”

These people can’t be part of the Church, but whatever dispensation they’re in has nothing to do with it. They were never saved in the first place because Jesus said He never knew them. Either they will be trying to lie their way into the Kingdom, or they will have been deceived into thinking they are something they’re not. Whatever miracles they performed were counterfeit, and the god they served was an impostor.

No matter how impressive it looks, a person’s display of miraculous power can’t be genuine if he or she teaches things that aren’t Biblical. Jesus said you can’t get good fruit from a bad tree. Those who follow a false God cannot produce good works for the kingdom.