How Could He Not Know?


It is difficult for me to understand how Jesus, in heaven prior to coming to Earth as a babe, being God, the second person of the Trinity, did not know about end time events prior to His coming. I have always believed that Jesus (God) was/is All Knowing, so why or how is it that He had to be told by the Father? This really has be confused and somewhat unhinged. He created the Earth and all but had no knowledge of end times? Before coming to Earth as a babe, was he not of “man form” in Heaven? Thank you for your help.


It’s difficult for all of us and the Bible doesn’t explain this in any detail. In fact, the only clues we have are His claim that before His death only the Father knew the details of the 2nd coming (Matt. 24:36) the promise we would do even greater things than He did (John 14:12) indicating that none of His Earthly ministry, aside from dying for us, was beyond the capability of a man with faith, and the statement that all this was subsequently revealed to Him, whereupon He revealed it to John. (Rev. 1:1)

Throughout the Old Testament, Jesus appeared from time to time as The Angel Of The Lord. We don’t know what His Heavenly form was. But we can conclude from the above verses that in some way we don’t understand, He gave up His God-like powers when He came to Earth and became fully (and only) man. He accomplished all His miraculous work through the power of the Holy Spirit, the very same power that’s available to all of us. When He returned to Heaven He did so as a man. John spoke of seeing Him at the throne of God looking like the Lamb who had been slain (Rev. 6:6) This has led some scholars to wonder if He ever got back all He gave up, or is confined to the body of a man forever. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.