How Did The Maji Know?


In reading your posts on Daniel chapter 9 about the 483 years till Jesus’ Crucifixion. How did the Persian Priests know what year to look for the star as the sign of Jesus birth?


Daniel had a relationship with these priests when he was placed in charge of them by King Darius (Daniel 6:3). The prophecy he received from Gabriel included the time they should start counting and the number of years it would take after that for the Messiah to come (Daniel 9:25). Daniel most likely gave them this information and they passed it along from father to son until the prophesied time came to pass.

In some circles Daniel is credited with founding the Maji , disclosing the time line to them, and perhaps entrusting them with his accumulated treasure for delivery to the Christ Child. If so, the gifts the Maji brought to Bethlehem could actually have come from Daniel.