How Do I Deal With This?


I have recently posted to a Christian forum a study I did to learn more about and better understand the End-Time events. I was accused of error and of spreading false doctrine even though I backed up everything with many Scriptural references. I guess my questions are how do I deal with this, both on a personal level and in the public forum?


The short answer is “you don’t.” People like this hold to their beliefs for emotional reasons and are not persuaded by reason or logic. Personally I don’t like forums or debates because confrontation usually results in both sides becoming more convinced of their original position, and the truth often gets lost in the process. The best approach is to be certain of your own views, offer them with Scriptural support and let them stand on their own. Reasonable people will follow Paul’s advice and search the Scriptures to see if you’re correct (Acts 17:11). As for the rest, in Matt. 10:14 Jesus said just shake the dust off your feet and move on.