How Do We Tell Them Santa Isn’t Real But Jesus Is?


You’re always very honest in answering everyone’s questions, so I need yet another honest answer from you. My wife and I have two girls (ages 8 and 6), and we made the mistake of allowing Santa Claus to be “real” to them. Now that the oldest is starting to figure out truth from fiction, it won’t be long before the truth about Santa comes up. When it does, how do we explain that Santa’s not real….but Jesus is? We are a family of believers, so the girls have been taught about Jesus throughout their short lives. Unfortunately, they’ve believed in Santa this whole time, too. So how do we tell them the truth without jeopardizing the reality of Jesus?


There are no books about Santa backed up by hundreds of historically fulfilled prophecies to validate their accuracy, but there is one about Jesus. Tell your girls that Santa is a fairy tale meant for little kids and that they’re old enough now to understand the truth.

Then get them each a children’s Bible for Christmas and help them read all about Him, showing them from your Bible how everything that’s written about Him was foretold hundreds of years before it happened.