How Long Can I Go On This Way?


I know I sin, but how much will God forgive me from the same sin? Is it OK to ask for forgiveness from a sin I commit that I know I will again commit but I enjoy it and having the idea that I will not just stop commit the sin but just not do it as much? I have a feeling of guilt about it that I wonder and sometimes I wonder if what it is I’m doing is really a sin.


You didn’t say what you’re doing so I don’t know if it’s a sin either. But if it is and if you’ve sincerely received the Lord into your heart as your Savior and Redeemer, then He’ll forgive you as many times as it takes. He’s already seen all the sins of your life and took everyone of them to the cross, so your salvation’s not at risk, just your relationship with Him. Your behavior may be disappointing to you, but it’s no surprise to the Lord. Confession immediately restores you.

If the guilt you feel is drawing you closer to God, then it’s probably the Holy Spirit convicting you, prompting you to confess. As long as you feel that guilt you’ll want to keep trying to get past this sin, and eventually you will. If your guilt is making you run away and hide from God in shame and embarrassment, then it’s more likely Satan trying to keep you from receiving the blessings you would receive by confessing and being restored.

Some people think when others repeat the same sin that it’s a sign that they’re really not saved, but it isn’t true. It’s the motive of our heart that the Lord judges. As long as you’re sincerely trying to avoid repeating the same sin, feel guilty when you slip, and ask forgiveness, then you’re OK.