How Long Has Man Been On Earth? Follow Up


I love your website. Thanks for inspiring me to become closer to God.

Recently you said that Adam was created about 4000 BC, which means man has been on earth about 6000 years. How, then, do you explain the scientists who claim skeletons of cave men are millions of years old? Just today I read an article that said archaeologists have discovered a water well in Cyprus that is 10,500 years old, by radiocarbon dating. At the bottom of the well was found the skeleton of a woman, that could be as old as the well. Is the radiocarbon dating the scientists use flawed? How do you explain this?


First of all, remember that it’s not God’s responsibility to validate science, but good science will always confirm the Bible.

In using radio carbon dating, three assumptions have to be made. First, we have to assume that the rate of carbon-14 decay has has always been constant. Then we have to assume that we know what the ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-14 was in the environment in which the specimen being dated lived. And finally, we have to assume that there hasn’t been any contamination in the specimen itself.

Legitimate scientific research has called the first two assumptions into question. By definition science requires observation. We can’t be certain that the rate of decay was the same in the unobservable past as it is today, and we can’t always know for sure that the ratio of carbon 12 to carbon 14 is accurate. So the older a specimen is, the less accurate the measure.

God is the only one who observed the creation and he told us when it happened. Claiming to know more than God does about an event only He observed is an indication of man’s arrogance.