How Long Is 1000 Years?


Will the Millennium be an actual 1,000 years, as we know it to be? I ask this because a “year” back when the bible was written is different than a “year” today. I guess it was written from the Jewish perspective. A year now consists of 365 days, but is that how long Jesus meant the Millennium to be?


There’s evidence that the Earth’s calendar originally consisted of 12 thirty day months for a 360 day year, and that at least some prophecies in the Bible are based on that calendar. If that includes the Millennium, it would actually be 985.6 years long on our current 365.25 day calendar.

I personally believe that the restoration of all things, which will take place at the 2nd Coming (Matt. 19:28), will include putting the Earth back on a 360 day calendar making the Millennium one thousand 360 day years long.