How Many Babylons Are There?


Our pastor says that there are 3 Babylons and one of them is the U.S. I do not believe him. If I am wrong tell me. We would be happy to know the truth.


There is only one physical location in the world called Babylon in the Bible and that’s in present day Iraq. The so-called Mystery Babylon of Rev. 17 is an End Times religious system used for a time by the Anti-Christ in his drive to achieve dominance over the world.

Some people like to think that “Babylon the Great” from Rev. 18 is the US, but they don’t realize how far we’ve fallen as a country. It isn’t very likely that our world dominance will last until the beginning of the Great Tribulation, let alone its end.

End Times prophecies speak of Kings of the North, South, and East, but there is no King of the West.