How Many Days Equal Seven Years?


Have you calculated what 7 year period has 2550 days in it where there is the month of Adar in the 2nd half? I have heard time and time again by Hebrew scholars that 2014 fits the bill. Also, a neighbor was told by an ex ambassador to Israel to watch for 2014. It’s like no one will say for sure, but they say “Keep an eye on 2014.”


I’m one of those who believes that God instituted a calendar of 12 thirty day months at the creation and has always operated on that basis even though the Earth’s orbit subsequently changed to 365.25 days causing many of the world’s calendars to change too. As evidence of this, Daniel’s 70 week prophecy only works on the original calendar and the Great tribulation can only be 3 1/2 years, or 42 months or 1260 days on the original calendar as well. If this is the case every 7 year period on God’s calendar has 2520 days.