How Much Is Enough?


I know as Christians we are to not put all of our focus on the things of the world because our treasures are in heaven but is there anything wrong with wanting nice things such as new clothes, a new house, family vacations, etc? I tithe more than 10% of my monthly income but feel guilty about going on a vacation or buying new clothes or wanting a bigger house. Thanks for your response.


The guilt you feel is from Satan, not from God. He knows you can’t fix all the world’s problems and doesn’t expect you to. 1 John 3:17-22 addresses this. It says that it’s natural for a believer to see someone in need and feel pity. That’s God’s love in us. But as long as we’re obeying God’s commands we have confidence before Him, and can receive from Him anything we ask.

If you feel God specifically calling you to help someone then do it, but if you’re already giving what he requires, then it isn’t God who’s making you feel guilty every time you see something you’d like. And when He sees fit to bless you with nice things you can thank Him with confidence, knowing that what you’re doing is pleasing to Him.