How Was He Crushed?


In Isaiah 53 it says He was crushed for our iniquities. I know the prophecies were very specific on what suffering Jesus was subjected to, the abuse, whipping, piercing & crucifixion, etc… but I don’t remember seeing anything about this part of the Prophecy. Would you please show me where this prophecy was fulfilled? Thank You & God Bless you and your ministry.


In Isaiah 53:5 the word translated crushed has figurative as well as literal meanings. Obviously Jesus wasn’t physically crushed as if a giant weight had fallen upon him. This would have broken His bones and the Law forbade any bones of the Passover Lamb from being broken (Exodus 12:46). Therefore we have to apply the figurative meaning which is that Jesus was made to feel overwhelmed with grief, as if all His strength had left Him and there was no hope of escape. Psalm 88 is a prophecy of what He went through during the night before His crucifixion and gives an idea of how He must have felt.