How Was Mary Made Worthy?


I love your site and may the Lord bless you and your ministry. My question surrounds Mary, the mother of Jesus. I understand that, since the Fall in the garden of Eden, all of mankind is born with a sinful nature. Although physically a virgin, can you tell me how Mary was “purified” to make her worthy to give birth to the Messiah? Some scriptural references would help immensely.


This has been the focus of no little controversy over the years, but I believe the answer can be found in Exodus 20:5. There the Lord speaks of visiting the sins of the fathers on the children. I believe this is a hint that our sin nature is inherited from our earthly father, not from our mother. If so then even though all mothers have a sin nature, theirs is not passed to their children, only the father’s. That means that Jesus, while born of a human mother, did not inherit Mary’s sin nature. And since His Father was without sin, so was He.