How Will He Do That?


I’ve been studying your revelation series as posted on your website. As you know, all the fish of the sea eventually end up being killed as a result of God’s wrath. When Jesus ultimately returns, per Zech. 14 and Ezek. 47, will there be a creative miracle concerning marine life, and I guess, all plant and animal life on earth?

Scientists say that all the varieties of life sprang from one species via selective breeding, etc. Will enough be spared to go this route, or will it be as in Gen. 1? I recognize that the trees that bear different fruit and leaves for healing will be like nothing we know today, and could possibly be a new creation of sorts. I love science and all, and I’m a little mystified by this.


In Matt 19:28 Jesus spoke of the restitution (renewal) of all things in connection with His 2nd Coming. And in Rev. 21:5 the Lord said, “I am making everything new.” This is also in the context of the beginning of the Millennium. And there are many other similar verses, (like Isaiah 65:17-25), in addition to the ones you’ve mentioned.

I believe the End times judgments that speak of sinking every island and leveling every mountain (Rev. 16:18-20) are a part of this process. At the end of the Great Tribulation, the Earth’s water supply will be hopelessly polluted, its vegetation will have dried up, and the Sun itself will cease to shine.

Then on the day the Lord comes light will return, life-giving water will flow from the Temple (Zech 14:6-8), and trees will suddenly appear to applaud Israel’s return to the Land (Isa. 55:12). Fishermen will soon line the shores of the “Dead” Sea (Ezek. 47:10), and men will begin enjoying long healthy lives again (Isa. 65:20). When you put it all together it appears that at the time of the 2nd Coming the Lord will miraculously restore the Earth back to the condition it was in before the fall of man.