How Will The First Martyrs Know?


In Rev 6:9 we see all of those martyrs under the altar in Heaven. I had always thought that since the Church will be raptured prior to the start of the 70th week, they will come to Christ through the witnessing of the 144,000. I noticed tonight, however, that the 144,000 aren’t even mentioned until chapter 7, a whole chapter later. If this is the case, how do people learn/hear about Jesus between the rapture and Rev. 6:9?


I believe a lot of people will come to faith right after the rapture. Many of them will be folks you and I have witnessed to who didn’t make up their minds in time to go with us. When they learn that we have all disappeared just like we said, they’ll know what we told them was true and will finally give themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord. An unknown number of them will die during the seal judgments of Rev. 6.