If It Be Your Will?


I have a question about a previous healing topic where you stated that praying “your will be done” (when praying to God the Father), showed weakness and sorta questioned if the healing could be done. I agree with this in a sense. I believe that it IS promised and we should ask with confidence and full faith that it WILL be done. My confusion comes when Jesus himself prayed 3 times that “if Gods will be done” to take the cup from him. (Matthew 26:39-43) Could you please clear up my confusion?


Jesus already knew God’s will. It was to redeem us from our sins. He was asking if there was any way to accomplish that other than for Him to die. Confirming that there wasn’t from the Father’s silence, He then pledged His obedience to God’s will. He said “Not as I will but as you will,” and “May your will be done.” He was willing to die for us.

We don’t have to say, “If it be your will” when praying for healing because we already know it’s his will. Isaiah 53:4-5 and James 5:14-15 tell us so. It would be more accurate to pray like Jesus did, “May your will be done.”