I’m In A Hurry!


Thank you for the teaching on Ezekiel. But somewhat disappointing, because I was hoping that the next war would be the one we would be going home to the Lord. Boy it sure feels like a long ways away from now, or I’m in a hurry to go home. By any chance will we go home even though it is not Ezekiel 38 yet? I know we will not know day or the hour but I really hope that it is very soon. I see Tony Blair and others running for the EU president set in 2009. So could this be anti-Christ?


Sorry to disappoint you, but remember I’m just the messenger. There’s really no reason the Church has to be here until the Battle of Ezekiel 38, I just don’t think we can be here afterward. And it’s possible that the anti-Christ will occupy the office of EU President, but somehow I don’t believe he’s Tony Blair.