I’m Tired Of Helping My Wife’s Brothers


I have recently allowed two of my wife’s brothers to move in with us because they needed help. My wife is pregnant and is completely stressed by them. They have agreed to pay rent but have not done so in the last two months and on top of that I have come to find out that they are addicted to pain pills. They are not Christians and I continue to ask them to attend church with my family but they refuse. I know that I am supposed to serve but I no longer feel like I am serving but rather enabling them. please help.


There’s no reason for you to shoulder this burden on your own, especially since they don’t seem willing to help themselves. Paul said, “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” (2 Thes. 3:10) Assuming that the Lord called you to help your wife’s brothers out in the first place (did He?) you’ve certainly demonstrated your Christian charity by now. If they promised to pay rent but aren’t, you’re just helping them pay for their addictions by not holding them accountable. It’s time to point them toward the many government assistance programs that are meant for people who are suffering hard times or addictions or both so they can get the help they need, not just the support they want.