In One Hour


In the Bible talks about the end time money melt – down , saying that ” for in one hour ” such great wealth is come to nothing . It also mentions the ten kings who have not received power yet, but who will share power for ” one hour ” with the AC . Do you think that each ” one hour ” refers to overlapping times on the prophecy time line?


The phrase “the hour” occurs 2 times in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 3:10, 14:7). where it refers symbolically to the End Times judgments. The phrase “one hour” appears in symbolic form in Rev. 17:12 in reference to the 10 kings. It also appears 3 times in literal form and refers to the destruction of Babylon that comes at the end of these judgments (Rev. 18:10, 17, 19). The context of these verses seems to indicate that the city’s destruction will be accomplished in a single hour.