In Spirit And In Truth


My question is: We know that God the Father is a spirit and we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). When we are told in Scripture that Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, how can that be since a spirit has no form, or does it?

Also can you explain worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. I want to know if we are thinking the same.


I believe the term “right hand of the Father” speaks of the Lord’s position of authority as “second in command” rather than a physical location. (Psalm 110:1)

Worshiping God in Spirit means our Spirit connected with His, and in truth means according to His word. Following this admonition allows the Holy Spirit freedom to work in us and through us as we worship God without fear of wandering into some of the “zeal without knowledge” excesses prevalent in parts of the Church today.