Increasing Interest In Prophecy


Your website is SO appreciated. It has really helped me in my study of the Bible. I have been a born-again believer since the age of 8 and grew up in a Baptist church from the age of 4 days old! I’ve always known I was saved and that I would go to heaven – but the End Times just never made any sense to me. Now all that has changed drastically. Are you seeing a lot more interest from “everyday Christians” who are just now waking up to prophecy? And what would your answer be to the skeptics that say that there have always been people like ourselves that think Jesus could return any minute! Thank you for your wonderful ministry.


Yes I am seeing much more interest in prophecy lately. And when people tell me it’s nothing new, I say, “Eventually someone has to be right. Who’s to say it’s not now? And besides, wouldn’t you rather be awakened a little too early for an important meeting than a little too late?”

Seriously, there’s a whole lot more concrete evidence now than there ever has been, and most students of prophecy can’t see any thing left that has to happen before we go.