Inhabiting The Universe?


Matt 24:31 says the elect will be gathered from every part of the heavens, which you believe to be the raptured church. My question is why will we have to be gathered up? Won’t we all be in the same place? Is this a clue that we could be inhabiting other places in the universe. I’ve always wondered who the Saints will reign and rule over as kings. Could it be that there are places in the universe being prepared for new civilizations during eternity?


The New Jerusalem, being 1400 miles in length, width and height (Rev. 21:16) will be about 2/3rds the size of the moon. That could mean we’re pretty well spread out. Or, no longer being bound by the laws of physics, we could be off exploring various parts of the universe. Remember Matt.24:31 says we’ll be gathered from all over the heavens, plural, not heaven, singular. As for ruling other places in the universe, Rev. 5:10 says we will reign on Earth, not in the Heavens.