Is 10 Days Significant?


I was recently reading an article about another bride type (Abigail and David and Nabal) and in the story (1 Samuel) Nabal takes ten days to die. Now Rebbeca stayed with her family ten days and Jesus told His disciples they would have tribulation ten days. Can you tell me what the significance is of those ten days and how and where they fit in with us in these last days?


According to Genesis 24:55-61 Rebecca’s family wanted her to stay for 10 days or so, but she didn’t stay. In 1 Samuel 26:5 it did take Nabal about 10 days to die following a heart attack. In Rev. 2:10 the 10 days Jesus referred to was actually the reign of 10 Roman Emperors and lasted a total of 250 years. The number 10, when used symbolically in Scripture, denotes completeness. This is illustrated in the fact that after the reign of the 10th Emperor, Christianity was no longer persecuted and in fact, was eventually received as the official religion of the Roman Empire. I don’t see a connection to the End Times in this.