Is Acts 2:17-18 Meant For Gentiles?


Re: Why Won’t People Listen? Your answer begins, “You’re referring to Acts 2:17-18.” How can Acts 2:17-18 be applied to Gentiles? All that were there at this meeting were Jewish believers in Jesus. I realize it says “all flesh” but it also says “your sons and your daughters” and “your young men …, and your old men”. I have been led to believe that this refers to the believing remnant of Israel in the tribulation. Zechariah12:10


This took place on Pentecost, the day the Church was born. Peter used the prophecy from Joel 2:28-32 to explain what had just happened and to indicate that such things would continue. He used the term “last days” in its widest application, including the entire Church Age, saying the Holy Spirit would be poured out on all people, both men and women, and everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Everyone.