Is All This True?


I read that Russian Pres. Putin has ordered Russian forces to a first strike alert status over the Kosovo situation. He has said that Russia will not permit the Serbian province of Kosovo to declare independence as the West intends. The article further states that America’s real goal is to prompt a war with Russia and not Iran. That plus the coming bird flu epidemic and collapse of the US economy will usher in the One World Government. Is all this true?


I doubt that the US is pushing for a confrontation with Russia. I haven’t heard this from any other source, although it is true that Russian military ships will soon enter the Mediterranean. They’re building a port and base in Northern Syria and moving their Baltic fleet there. Russia has also renounced several NATO treaties limiting certain types of weaponry.

As for the bird flu and economic strife, these are well known and are serious problems, but we’re not going to wake up tomorrow to find millions of people dead and our dollar worthless. Things like this take years to materialize but eventually will result in dramatic and permanent changes to our way of life. The question is not if but when.