Is Baptism Required For Heaven?


I have a question I hope you can help me with. My wife was Christian all her life and accepted Jesus as her savior a few years ago. It changed her life. She asked her pastor to baptize her but every time something happened. They use a lake because they don’t have a place in the church so bad whether stopped it one time and sickness another time.

Anyhow it never got done she was killed in a car accident 4 months ago. She was only 35 and this has been eating at me ever since. Would God keep her out of heaven because she was never baptized?

I was born and raised Catholic but since the accident, I have read the Bible and done a lot of research. I don’t consider my self a Catholic anymore. Do I need to be baptized?


Baptism is the public confirmation of a private decision to allow the Lord’s death to pay the penalty for our sins. Contrary to some views, baptism is not required for salvation but can be an important step in building your faith. Most believers feel led to be baptized after they’re born again, but the only requirement for salvation is belief in the Lord as our Savior. Lack of a baptism did not prevent your wife from entering into the presence of the Lord, especially since He knew the motives of her heart and knew she intended to do it. If you feel like the Lord is prompting you to be baptized, I would encourage you to follow up on it, since it can be a moving ceremony and will strengthen you in your faith.