Is Demonic Visitation Possible?


I have a friend who is a born again believer. She recently told me that she saw something in her house that frightened her. She believes it was a demon. After that, she has ” felt” something touch her. She said most recently, she felt like something was choking her. I suggested she talk to her pastor about this but she is afraid that he might think she is going crazy. Have you ever had experience with yourself or someone you know who is a believer being physically attacked by a demon? Do you have any suggestions I can pass along to my friend?


While a believer can suffer demonic oppression and even torment there are limits set by God. Remember Satan was allowed to afflict Job but couldn’t take his life (Job 1:6). Tell your friend to get some like minded believers together and pray over and through her house to declare it off limits in Jesus’ name. You can walk around it while praying like Joshua did at Jericho and anoint the door posts and window frames with oil if you like. We also have authority on Jesus’ name over demons in case of another visitation.

Be sure to make a thorough confession before doing this to make certain that you’re within God’s protective power. (1 John 1:9)