Is Germany Changing Sides?


For years now I have always wondered how people could consider Gomer in Ezekiel 38 to be Germany. After all Germany was a Nato Allie and not a friend of Russia. Then I read a headline on Debkafiles that says “Russia, China, Germany reject US evidence of Iran’s covert nuke program “. Can we say the puzzle is coming together when two bitter enemies join together against the US?


I read the same article, although I’ve always seen Gomer as representing Eastern Europe while his sons Ashkenaz and Ripath represent the west. Gomer settled north of Greece along the Danube, and European Jews are called Ashkenazi in Israel.

But your point is well taken. Germany is the only non-permanent member of the Security council included in the Iran sanction issue, and for them to side with Russia is interesting since Iranian missiles can now reach Berlin.