Is God Punishing Pakistan?


Your website is truly an inspiration and it has answered so many questions I have about the end times. I have a question about what is happening in the world right now especially as it pertains to Pakistan. This is really to clear up a discussion a friend and myself had about the country. I always thought that Pakistan was not Israel’s enemy because I have never heard anything about Pakistan against Israel.

But it is of my friend’s view that it is because Pakistan is Israel’s enemy that they are suffering so much as is the case of the massive floods that have literally ravished their lands. She stated that the Lord blesses anyone or any country who blesses Israel. Is Pakistan an enemy of Israel? I am not in any way thinking that the people deserve this, but I would like to know how this ties into end time prophecies.


Not all natural disasters are judgments from God. Some are the birth pangs of Matt. 24:8 (signs of the end times) and others are of the type that have been happening since the dawn of history. The flooding there does seem to be unusually severe, so let’s take a closer look at Pakistan’s record.

Pakistan is officially a Moslem country with 97% of the population being followers of Islam. Other religious groups, including Christians, are routinely persecuted there. It’s widely believed that government officials help the Taliban and al Qaeda evade US forces. The Pakistani intelligence service feeds them classified information on troop movements and upcoming campaigns. Both groups are decidedly anti-Israel. A Pakistani group blew up the Jewish cultural center in Mumbai, India in 2008 killing 160 and wounding several hundred others. A Pakistani scientist was a key player in helping Iran develop its nuclear capability, no doubt knowing it will someday be used against Israel.

That said, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that God has at least lifted whatever protection he had previously granted to Pakistan, and may even be actively punishing the country.