Is God Shutting Me Out?


I am a working mother of 1 and planning on having another baby. When my daughter was born I felt like God wanted me to stay home but my decision to quit dragged on and on because every time I was about to quit something would happen to keep me from quitting. About a year ago I felt like God was telling me that if I am faithful and take care of my family then He will take care of my husband’s promotion. Well, when I was preparing to quit my husband changed his mind because he wants to get the promotion first before I quit. After applying for at least 10 positions now he still hasn’t gotten any promotion.

I keep wondering if our disobedience and lack of faith brought this on. I am scared of being “just a stay at home mom” but at the same time, I’m not happy being a working mother. I am so unhappy that I constantly lose control of my emotions at home. I pray and read the bible but I feel like God is shutting me out.


In reading your question I had the opposite reaction to yours. It seems like every time you want to quit something prevents you from doing so. If God had been telling you to quit, He would have made doors open for you. Instead, they’ve closed. God doesn’t shut people out, people shut Him out. Stop worrying about it and put the matter back in God’s hands. When He wants you to quit working He’ll make a way for you to do so and you’ll know the time is right.