Is God A Spirit Or Not?


I always thought that God was a spiritual form only but after reading one of your commentaries it stated that when God was living in the Holy of Holies the high priest would visit with him once a year and a rope would be tied around his ankles to pull him out if he displeased God to keep God from destroying him if he sinned in his presence. This indicates to me that God was in human form at this time. Is this correct?


I’m sorry if I confused you. God has always been in Spirit form (John 4:24). Even so, He chose to locate Himself in the Holy of Holies of the Temple in Jerusalem (2 Chron. 6:6). The reason for the rope around the High Priest’s ankle was to pull him out in case he had not properly prepared himself before entering. This preparation served the purpose of cleansing him of his sins. No one can be in the presence of God in an unclean state. So it wasn’t what the high priest did or said in the presence of God, it’s what he had or had not done before going in that really mattered.

When God wants to appear in human form, He does so in the person of Jesus.