Is Israel’s Re-Birth Prophetic?


I recently ran across videos and articles by those who contend that the current resettling of Jews in Israel is not according to prophecy but is a political situation that is the sole cause of blood shed in the middle east region. They use Leviticus 26 verse 14 and up along with sections of chapter 27 to support this view. Please help me understand why the diaspora has ended and any verses that point to this promise. I can not believe that this return is without warrant from God.


Leviticus 26 contains 6 levels of judgment that God warned the Jews about as a consequence of disobedience. Each step was designed to open their eyes to their sins so they could repent and be forgiven. If they failed to do so, the next step became more severe and so on until they would be driven out of their land and waste away in the lands of their enemies.

They went all the way through these steps on two occasions. Once in the Babylonian captivity and once after they rejected the Messiah. But Leviticus 26:44 says, “Yet in spite of this, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them or abhor them so as to destroy them completely, breaking my covenant with them. I am the LORD their God.”

We all know that they were returned to the Land the first time after the Babylonian captivity. Isaiah 11:10-11 tells us that in the last days the Lord would reach out His hand a second time to reclaim the remnant of His people. Amos 9:14-15 says that after that they’d never be uprooted again. Ezekiel 37 gives a detailed description of that second regathering.

Seeing movies of the Jews staggering out of the concentration camps after WW2 and returning to Biblical Israel, literally walking skeletons, is a vivid picture of Ezekiel’s dry bones prophecy. How anybody can say that the rebirth of Israel is not a fulfillment of prophecy is beyond me.