Is King Abdullah The Anti-Christ?


I was wondering what you think about the belief of (a web site writer) that possibly the anti-Christ is the King of Jordan, King Abdullah ll, who is actively uniting the Arab Nations toward the peace agreement of Israel? He states that this King has the power to allow the Jewish people to build their temple. His lineage is traced back directly to the wife of Mohammad.

We have been doing a lot of research on this King and he is very much liked. He said that the Bush Administration is looking perhaps to make him an overseer of Iraq. He is really gung-ho militarily which the writer attributes to the worship of the God of fortresses. Muslims believe that the Mahdi is perhaps a military figure that is unaware of who he is at this point, and would have a direct lineage to Mohammad.


There’s one big problem with seeing King Abdullah II of Jordan as the anti-Christ even though he is the closest living relative to Mohammed and is the custodian of Islam’s holy sites. Daniel 11:41 says that Jordan, and specifically the leaders of Ammon will be delivered from the hand of the anti-Christ. This has the effect of making Petra, in southern Jordan, a haven for the believing Jews during the Great Tribulation. King Abdullah is the primary leader of Ammon, or Ahman, as the capital of Jordan is called today, so the anti-Christ would have to be delivering himself from his own hand, and in doing so making his home country the haven for the people he hates most in the world. I’m not sure how that would work.

We should also remember that there are several views of Islamic end times prophecies just as there are among Christians. For instance, some believe al Mahdi is simply a man, while others think he’s a supernatural figure. I’m not aware of any Moslem who believes he’s the Islamic anti-Christ.

I’ve stated in the past that some Islamic views of al Mahdi are remarkably similar to our views of the anti-Christ leading to the possibility that al Mahdi might be the anti-Christ of the Bible even if he isn’t the one of the Koran.