Is Revelation Chronological?


Does the Bible state a specific time when the seals of Revelation chapter 6 have to be opened? I always assumed that the events of chapter 6 followed chapter 5 and began after the rapture and consequently were opened during the first half of the 7 year tribulation period. A friend of mine and a well studied Bible student says he has recently raised this question himself and finds that nowhere in the word of God does it say specifically when the seals have to begin or that they are limited to be during the seven years of the tribulation. He has asked, “Why do we assume they are judgments’ of God?”


Like many students of prophecy, I consider the Book of Revelation to be chronological. Therefore I hold the position that the Seal judgments of Rev. 6 follow the events of Rev. 4-5 where the rapture of the Church takes place.

I think when you depart from a chronological treatment of the book, you can easily get hopelessly confused. There is no theological reason to take the chapters out of order and it’s inconsistent with the literal interpretation to do so. As for knowing the Seal Judgments are of God, Rev 6:16-17 says they are the opening events of the time we call the Wrath of God. Notice, it doesn’t say His wrath is coming, but that it has come.