Is Suicide Forgivable?


Do you think the one sin not forgivable is suicide since it is a murder against the Spirit that dwells within the believer?

Like Paul said, I still do the things I hate and have problems doing the things I wish I could.

With that in mind sometimes I wonder what that sin is but then I think how Christ Jesus never loses anyone, so how can we as believers commit this sin which has no pardon since we were all predestined, justified, sanctified, and gloried from the beginning.

And if by doing so meaning we were never in Christ, why would it even come to a question of pardon since the non-believer doesn’t feel the need for penitence?


Obviously Paul didn’t commit suicide and I don’t think he was worried about just one sin in Romans 7. He was admitting that although saved he was still a sinner. And you can’t kill the Spirit of God, just like you can’t kill the spirit of man. Both are eternal. Suicide is the murder of one’s own body.

Hebrews 10:12-14 says that Jesus died once for all time. That means all our sins, past present and future were dealt with at the cross. This includes suicide, the last sin of a person’s life. And because God knew all of our sins before we took our first breath it doesn’t take him by surprise if a believer dies at his own hand. He saw it before it happened, took it to the cross with all our other sins, and paid for it there.

The only unforgivable sin is to reject the pardon the Lord’s death made available to us, because that’s the only remedy for our sins that God has provided. If we reject that, then we’ve put ourselves outside of God’s forgiveness.