Is That Witchcraft?


David and other psalmists have some things to say about their enemies and instructions for how they want the lord to deal with it. We are to pray for our enemies blessing and eventual salvation according to Jesus. I’ve even heard before that if you pray bad things on people, it’ll boomerang and you’ll end up with the same troubles, that it is essentially witchcraft to call down curses on people. Care to comment?


As you pointed out, several Psalms contain David’s pleas that the Lord would destroy his enemies. Psalm 35 is one example. So I don’t think that kind of prayer is equivalent to witchcraft. But Jesus did tell us to love our enemies and be nice to those who are mean to us. (Matt. 5:44) And Paul wrote that anger is a sin that if not confessed leaves us vulnerable to enemy attacks (Ephes. 4:26-27). Maybe that’s the boomerang effect you’re thinking of.