Is That You, God?


Thank you so much for answering questions!

My questions is about the feelings of the Holy Spirit. I get a feeling oftentimes, like a warm-goodness kind of thing. It sometimes springs forth and sometimes dies away. I have an idea that it’s the holy Spirit, but I have no idea if it is. I also think it might be faith, but again I’m not

If you get this type of feeling I would like to know, because it is really frustrating sometimes thinking that it’s what I think it is and having it disappear. It really shoots up when I worship as well, and I think it’s been quoted as being “The love of God.”

This feeling also speaks to me, flaring up when I’m doing something or saying something right, and dying down when it isn’t. Maybe it’s my conscience, but it came when I first believed, not any time before.

I have also never heard the voice of God, and I have no idea why. Or maybe I have heard it and acted on it instinctively. Please help me with my
confusion on this, it has caused me a lot of frustration.

The Lord bless you a thousand times!


I think what you’re feeling is a closeness to God. As you describe it, this feeling comes as a response to your actions, like an expression of God’s approval. Many of us have experienced this special feeling of intimacy. It’s a source of great joy and contentment, as well as being very humbling.

Learning to hear the voice of God can take some time because there’s a lot going on in our world. We’re often beset by internal and external distractions that drown out the Lord’s still small voice. Try finding a quiet place where there are no interruptions and then go there the very first thing in the morning before anything else can crowd its way into your mind. Begin reading your Bible, pausing often to reflect on what you’re reading, calming your spirit to listen. In the Psalms many translations include the Hebrew word “selah” at the end of a passage. It means “think about that” and is a good suggestion. Pause when you see it to think about what you’ve read. Also, as you pray try listening as well as talking.

I’ve only heard the audible voice of God a few times in my life, but often I’ve heard Him speak within me, in an inner voice offering correction, direction, and assurance.