Is There Enough Time?


One thing that I cant wrap my mind around is the fact that a Jewish temple must be built in such a short time. It seems only a polebarn or something comparable could be built in the time remaining. I would think a temple that would be similar to the last two would take years to complete. I just cant crunch the time alotted for the Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38,39 wars, and the new temple. It seems the rapture might be 5-10 years away.


Consider these things. First, none of the events you mention have to precede the rapture, which could literally happen any day. Second, no one outside of a small body of religious leaders knows the true state of preparation for the new Temple. What we do know is that most of the furnishings are ready and that Levitical priests are currently being trained in Temple procedures. Rumors abound concerning stockpiles of building material including pre-cast wall sections and other things that could dramatically reduce construction time. In previous Temples the Lord required everything to be prepared off site and then carried to the Temple mount for assembly (1 Kings 6:7). If the same holds true now much of the Temple will be prefabricated, and may already be done. If so when the time comes the temple’s construction could go much more quickly than we imagine.